Kite Snowkite Pansh HAWK II

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Kite Snowkite Pansh HAWK II

$269.000 CLP

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The PANSH Hawk  is a new, unique depower foil kite. Most brands are inspired by paragliding to develop their product. We decided a different approach for Hawk, taking tube kite(LEI kites) as model, their success is no longer to be proven. This one of a kind foil was designed to unite all the benefits of tube kite (LEIs), like accessibility, ease of use and stability, with all the advantages of foils, Taking the best of both worlds, the Hawk has been designed to definitely replace your tube kite quiver.

We are not afraid to announce that its depower principle is a revolution in the foil kite world, immediately bringing an insane high range, ensuring your safety, like tube kites, the power is intuitive and direct, even in middle of the wind window, if you push your bar, the kite will instantly lose its power without excessive speed gain, where the other foil kites will accelerate very hard and can potentially put you in a bad situation. when you used to sine the kite in a lull, with Hawk all you have to do is to pull more the bar to accelerate again, the kite backstall very little, this will facilitate your learning, its significant depower keeps an effective steering power allowing the high range to remain usable and comfortable, we do not dare to communicate the high wind speed of very strong winds (french Tramontana), in which the upper range of the kite has been validated, add to that a very intuitive bar feeling, and you always have control over your kite, not the contrary.

The Medium Aspect ratio makes the kite highly stable and allows for ease of use in a large wind range. the moderate ratio makes for a very easy relaunch by pulling just one side of the kite like a classic tube kite, but most of the time you won't even have to touch anything to get it off on its own, add to that very long air inlet valves limiting water entry, and an elaborate drain system, and your fear of not relaunching a foil kite will disappear immediately.

Despite the accessible ratio, the performances are effectives, thanks to a slimmer profile than the standards, this Hawk has nerve, it is a wing made to fly high, putting the fun side of the sport back in the foreground, the key for progression. For foil riders, the kite will carry you from the weakest winds, and its handling is an element of choice for the "modern" practice, made of curves and tricks... of pleasure.

Snowkite will benefits of these features too, you have allready guessed it is a blast for this awesome sport ! go up the slopes without infinite kiteloop, where yet it excels, just pull your bar more will be enough most of the time. take-off, even without pre-inflation, is not dangerous, the kite will never frontstall during this launch, only ears will fold back on themselves as long as the kite is not under pressure, for arround ten seconds.

The Hawk is made of high quality 40D Canopy and comes with 23 cells. The inside of the kite is designed especially to maximize dimensional stability as well as reduced need for bridle points. Its simplified internal structure reduced the weight even with a heavier fabric, to guarantee its solidity.

The world-first dual-way alternate onflation system (DAIS) developed by PANSH is also used on Hawk.

The Hawk’s turbo adjustable mixer is constructed with 2×3 pulleys,  It can increase the efficiency of bar input by about 25%.

The very tolerant profile of the wing, allows you to use it with very short or very long lines, with a Y on the fronts line or not, located high or not, and is compatible with the most of existing kite bars (rear lines and front lines are equals), with a safety release system on a front line like a classic tube kite, again.

Forget what you know about foil kites, this PANSH Hawk redefines the rules, and you won't want to use your old kite anymore. fly this kite like you would do with your tube kite, send kiteloops, surf your favorite waves, hit speed and height records with your friends, escape for long tacks... enjoy.

In terms of area choice, it could not be simpler, to replace an 8m tube kite, take a 8m ukite, to replace a 12m, take a 12m ... etc.

The PANSH Hawk is available as kite only (with draw string bag) or ready to fly with:
* PANSH Hawk Kite
* 57cm Control Bar with 20m Dyneema Lines
* Draw String Bag

Special reminder:
Business cooperation is welcomed. If you are an enterprise merchant, please feel free to contact us.

This is the standard color of Hawk 6m and 8m

This is the standard color of Hawk 4m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 10, 11m and 12m


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