Sick Bar Crazyfly

$421.900 CLP

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Sick Bar Crazyfly

$421.900 CLP

Más Detalles

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El CrazyFly Sick Bar es un sistema que combina seguridad, comodidad, durabilidad y simplicidad!

La barra CrazyFly se puede utilizar en dos modos de seguridad: estándar y avanzado.
El modo de seguridad estándar proporciona un 100% de seguridad en todas las situaciones. Recomendamos encarecidamente utilizar el modo de seguridad estándar.
Los modos avanzados solo deben ser utilizados por expertos, ya que no ofrece un depower total del kite al perder la barra.

4 lines - 45cm - 24m


German Quality Low Stretch Lines

All CrazyFly lines are top quality low stretch Liros® lines made in Germany. Unlike others, when a CrazyFly line is pulled, the kite reacts instantly. Traditional lines stretch when pulled and the reactions of the kite are slow and require more input from the rider. With CrazyFly lines, steering is direct and requires very light input from the rider. The kite is much easier to control.

DuPont® performance polymers

All plastic components are made from high end engineered plastics from DuPont® with superior toughness, stiffness and high impact resistance.

Smart Cleat

A brand new depower Smart Cleat, originally designed by CrazyFly, and strategically positioned above the bar. It is comfortable to reach and very easy to use, even on the go. This year, we also added a Velcro on the Smart Cleat, so there are no lines flapping around and everything is tidy in place.

Power Tube


Covering the central line in a PU (very strong plastic) tube provides superior control of on the bar depower and adds to a more direct kite feel. The whole system, as well as the kite power delivery, feel much smoother.

Auto position chicken loopPerfect for unhooked riding! The chicken loop always stays in the right position to quickly hook back in.

Premium Leather Grip

High abrasion resistance outdoor performance premium leather grip from Italy provides unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.


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