40% DCTO !!

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RRD RELIGION MK8      <br>        40% DCTO !! - Image 1
RRD RELIGION MK8      <br>        40% DCTO !! - Image 2
RRD RELIGION MK8      <br>        40% DCTO !! - Image 3
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RRD RELIGION MK8      <br>        40% DCTO !! - Image 5
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40% DCTO !!

$849.000 CLP

Más Detalles


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PACK INCLUYE: BARRA + MOCHILA Y GARANTÍA EN CHILE. Somos distribuidores de RRD en Chile.


El buque insignia de la casa RRD en su 8va Versión. MUY POLIVALENTE, un kite que te permite dar tus PRIMEROS PASOS y luego seguir DESARROLLANDO tu potencial en el Kitesurf. Tiene un tremendo rango de viento.Nosotros los utilizamos en nuestra escuela, y sabemos que esta CONTRUIDO A PRUEBA DE BOMBAS, por lejos EL KITE MAS RESISTENTE DEL MERCADO, te invitamos a probarlo cuando quieras!

EL PRIMER KIte diseñado para olas en el mundo, y sin dudas el referente para resto. Si el Oceano es tu Iglesia, Ya sabes cual es Tu Religion.


  • Bullet proof construction that creates a strong structural frame with a mix of 195 grms. Polyant Dacron and light weight D2 Techno Force™ Double Ripstop
  • Internal extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel to ensure long lasting stitching and a rigid connection
  • Exclusive Strut/Leading edge reinforcement D2 Techno Force™ Double Ripstop panel sewn at 45 degrees: this spreads the impact loads over a wider area (only on bigger sizes)
  • Radial reinforcements on the tips to improve durability and reduce stretch
  • 195 grms. Polyant Dacron reinforcements on the middle strut
  • Kevlar fabric rounded strut ends

Synonymous of WAVE in the international kite language, the Religion MK8 kite is constantly evolving along with the kitesurfing discipline. Improving the already successful Religion each year has become a real challenge. We went back to the drawing boards and started to design from scratch to once again deliver the most responsive, reliable and fastest turning wave kite out there.

The MK8 has a new shape, shorter bridles, and has a higher aspect ratio. This improves the kites turning speed and drifting ability significantly; especially in the larger sizes, from 8.0 – 12.0 sqmts. The kite turns on the spot, has quicker reaction time when the back lines are not in tension and comfortable light bar pressure. This makes an easier kite to learn wave riding and an acceleration machine that allows for multiple turns on short sections of waves when conditions are not ideal.

Unlike most fast turning surf kites on the market, the Religion MK8 still maintains its signature pull and power that also helps to get in a few extra turns down the line. The newly designed, longer leading edge of the kite not only allows for a more “twisty” feel to increase the turning speed, but also creates a more “floaty” behavior of the kite in the air which improves stability when the wind gets very gusty. The improved stability of an already very stable kite design will make riding “tricky conditions” possible both when the wind is super light or super ballistic. The Religion MK8 is the ‘first on- and last off the water’ type of kite.

As always, we built this kite strong and durable so it can take a pounding. The graphics of the Religion have allowed us to create a web of Dacron reinforcements on the canopy that give the whole structure of the kite an incomparable rigidity. This wave proof construction is made up of 40% heavy duty Dacron fabrics and 60% of a lightweight double ripstop D2 Technoforce canopy. This unique mix is used only in the Religion kite, creates superior crash resistance, and extends the lifespan of the kite.

The new Religion MK8 allows for a wider range of use both on the high- and low end of the kite. Faster, better lift during jumps, outstanding drifting characteristics, easy relaunch and an enormous progressive de-power that will stop the kites’ power or powers up, exactly when you need it.

Since its first introduction, this kite has changed in every version together with the evolution of riding waves with a kite. If the ocean is your church, then look no further than the Religion.


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