$949.000 CLP

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RRD OBSESSION 9M <br> CON BARRA 45% DCTO !! - Image 1
RRD OBSESSION 9M <br> CON BARRA 45% DCTO !! - Image 2
RRD OBSESSION 9M <br> CON BARRA 45% DCTO !! - Image 3
RRD OBSESSION 9M <br> CON BARRA 45% DCTO !! - Image 4
RRD OBSESSION 9M <br> CON BARRA 45% DCTO !! - Image 5


$949.000 CLP

Más Detalles


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PACK INCLUYE: BARRA + MOCHILA Y GARANTÍA EN CHILE. Somos distribuidores de RRD en Chile.

FREESTYLE (4 LÍNEAS) - - 45% DCTO !! Dos opciones de COLOR !

Si quieres comenzar en el mundo freestyle, pero todavía quieres BOOSTEAR ALTO y tener MUY BUEN RANGO de viento; el Obsession MK11 te apañará con TODO!! También si buscas un kite de tamaño grande que no sea una lata y lento, te recomendamos 200% el Obsession... Por estas razones, probablemente es el kite Freestyle con más unidades vendidas en Chile !!

Como toda la linéa RRD tenemos borde de ataque ULTRA REFORZADO y puedes inflarlo duro, lo cual hace que nuestro OBSESSION relance mejor que muchos otros kites Freestyle del mercado. 

Much has changed compared to the bold impact made by the Obsession MK10. We have continued forward and for our 11th version of this iconic kite, every part of the kite has been improved, even down to the smallest details such as the bridles, shape, leading edge, and trailing edge.

All these little changes have allowed us to create a performance freestyle kite superior to any 5 line C-kite on the market, with the simplicity of only 4 lines. This was achieved by our new revolutionary bridle and shape that allow this four line kite feel like a pure freestyle 5th line kite.

The bar pressure for the MK11 is lighter and the kite turns faster and provides more power throughout the turn. Because of this, it’s also the ideal kite for kite loops. In addition to the increased speed and constant power, we have also increased the wind range on the new Obsession. And although the kite has such a closed shape, it does relaunch extremely well.

The new Obsession, thanks to a right combination of bow and shape, has achieved perfect performance for freestyle while also eliminating the need for a fifth line.


  • Internal and external extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel
  • 45 degree leading edge reinforcements panels
  • Leading edge seam protection
  • Bridle anti-tangle device
  • Radial reinforcements
  • Techno force™ double ripstop
  • Quick air flow valve for easier pumping and deflating with special moulded protection cap


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